API for custom FS providers

class dataiku.fsprovider.FSProvider(root, config, plugin_config)

The base interface for a Custom FS provider


List the file or directory at the given path, and its children (if directory)


Perform any necessary cleanup


Delete recursively from path. Return the number of deleted files (optional)

enumerate(prefix, first_non_empty)

Enumerate files recursively from prefix. If first_non_empty, stop at the first non-empty file.

If the prefix doesn’t denote a file or folder, return None

move(from_path, to_path)

Move a file or folder to a new path inside the provider’s root. Return false if the moved file didn’t exist

read(path, stream, limit)

Read the object denoted by path into the stream. Limit is an optional bound on the number of bytes to send

set_last_modified(path, last_modified)

Set the modification time on the object denoted by path. Return False if not possible


Get the info about the object at the given path inside the provider’s root, or None if the object doesn’t exist

write(path, stream)

Write the stream to the object denoted by path into the stream