The DSS public APIΒΆ

The DSS REST API lets you interact with DSS from any program that can send an HTTP request.

The DSS REST API allows you to perform the following operations in DSS:

  • Projects

    • Create, list and delete projects
    • Manage project permissions
    • Manage project metadata
  • Datasets

    • Create, list and delete datasets
    • Manage datasets metadata and schema
    • Read datasets data
    • Manage datasets partitions
    • Clear datasets
  • Jobs

    • Start jobs / build datasets
    • List jobs
    • Check jobs status
    • Abort jobs
  • Administration

    • Manage users and groups
    • Manage global variables
    • Manage API keys


We have developed a Python client for the REST API. If you plan on using Python to interact with DSS, you might want to use Public API Python client, or see the examples at DSS public python API examples