Geographic charts (Beta)

DSS can produce some geographic charts. Geo charts let you display on a world map a dataset containing a geography feature



This feature is considered as a BETA feature. You might encounter issues while using it and we do not guarantee that this feature will keep working the same in future versions.

Prerequisite: install the geoadmin plugin

To draw geographic charts, you must first install the DSS plugin called “geoadmin”. Please see Installing a DSS plugin.

Geographic columns

A geographic column is either a point or another kind of geometry. Valid geographic columns are detected as “Geopoint” or “Geometry” in the exploration component.

Geographic columns can be obtained in DSS:

  • By reading a GeoJSON or Shapefile dataset
  • By reading any dataset containing a column in WKT format (
  • By applying a geocoding processor in a preparation script
  • By applying a “Resolve GeoIP” processor in a preparation script

Creating a geo chart

DSS geo chart are aggregated charts: rows in your dataset are aggregated by administrative levels:

  • By country
  • By region
  • By city

To create a geo chart:

  • In the chart type picker, select the World Map (Beta)
  • Drag and drop a geographic column (identified by the globe icon) in the “Break down by ...” section
  • Drag and drop numeric columns in the Color and/or Size locations

You can change the “level of aggregation” by opening the settings of the geo column.


Two kinds of geo charts are available:

  • Unfilled map: each administrative level is represented by a circle. You can assign measures to both color and size
  • Filled map: each administrative level is represented by its real polygon. You can assign a measure to the color